Episode 41: Batman (1989, Tim Burton) Commentary Track Special

We the hosts of An Alan Smithee Podcast do not take the responsibility of heralding Batman ’89 over Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins or The Dark Knight lightly.

Nor do we waver on the Solomonesque division of Tim Burton’s career into one brilliant period (1985 – 1996) and one banal (1999 – present.) The recent release of Alice In Wonderland 3-D has reminded us that everyone and their dog has an opinion on Tim Burton just as The Dark Knight gave everyone an opportunity to spout their two bits on Batman and Batman vis-a-vis Tim Burton, as the two names are after all forever related. The funny thing is that almost everyone is simply repeating something they heard from someone else or read on the Internet.

Listen, we mustn’t compare ourselves to regular people. We’re critics.

That’s why this week on An Alan Smithee Podcast we’ve recorded our second commentary track special since Rick Rosenthal’s Halloween II, so as to better enlighten the masses.

With incredible new “start the movie and this MP3 at the same time” technology, you’ll be privy to two hours and 6 minutes of hardened analysis from the two most level headed Batman and Tim Burton fans on the planet. Aspects mentioned in our commentary track include the The Dark Knight‘s plagiarism of the film, the hammy performances of William Hootkins and Jack Palance, the utter brilliance of Sam Hamm, Kim Basinger’s golddigging, the influence of Warner Brothers gangster movies, the tyranny of Prince, the tyranny of Jon Peters, how to quote Robert Wuhl in your everyday life, our mixed feelings on the Batwing, Batman and The Joker’s (separate) sex lives, how to quote Joseph Stalin in your everyday life, and the crazy eyed greatness of Michael Keaton.




5 thoughts on “Episode 41: Batman (1989, Tim Burton) Commentary Track Special

  1. What a thoroughly enjoyable commentary. It’s also cathartic to listen to the views of people who share my contempt for Chris Nolan’s appalling Batman movies. I wonder, is there a chance you guys would do a Batman Returns commentary seeing as that is the best one?

    • Glad you enjoyed it — I agree Returns is the best, and we’ll consider doing another bat-commentary for it. Maybe when Nolan’s Part 3 comes out.

      • That would be something to look forward to definitely. Nolan’s 3rd attempt will be the second Batman film (after Batman and Robin) that I will refuse to pay money to see and probably avoid entirely. But hey, at least we have confirmation that this is the last one he intends to direct so that’s some good news. I wonder who’ll be taking the helm next? Hopefully someone who can direct actors for a start.

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